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Midsummer Miracle Lyrics

Midsummer Miracle by Leila Vey

©2009. Music & Lyrics by Leila Vey

Going about my business,
Living life day to day.
I wasn’t looking for a change,
But you found me anyway.
An unexpected surprise;
Your eyes burned in my soul.
It was only a matter of time before our love would rise.

It was a miracle that blew you to me
On that midsummer’s breeze,
And it’s a miracle that brings us here
Through all the strife we’ve seen.
And the more I learn to understand
The powers here at play,
The more I see eternity within your eyes
And I bless each special day.

And whenever I close my eyes,
Your gentle breath is there,
Surrounding me with beauty
In all the ways you show you care.
How can I find the words
For something so vast within?
You draw me home in your arms;
You take me flying in your eyes.