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I Will Thrive Lyrics

I Will Thrive by Leila Vey

© 2014. Music & Lyrics by Leila Vey

Rattling around this empty space,
Silence swallowed up by silence.
All alone in a world full of lovers,
Feeling the sting of choices past.
All is still; only the sound of my tears
Like heavy raindrops falling.
I’m all alone with no one to love me,
No one to hold me,
All alone.

But I’m okay; I’ll be fine.
The night is dark,
But I have candles burning brightly.
The dawn will come.
The sun will shine again.
And I’ll survive, and I will thrive.
And I’ll find love again,
And warm my bones again.
I will survive, and I will thrive.
And I will live my life
With all the joy that I can find.
I will survive, and I will thrive.

Funny how hope, it plays a game.
Is what I see real, or just a dream?
Do I see only what I want to see,
Or could this really be what I’ve been looking for?
Do I trust that one day love will grow
In this dark and thirsty soil?
Do I wait to see what seeds were sown,
Or journey on in search for more?

One day soon, love will come
Knocking at my door, and I’ll be there,
Open heart and trusting soul,
Willing to give my everything.
One day soon, someone will reach for my hand
And claim me for his own.
One day soon, I’ll see love in his eyes,
And know that I’ve come home.
And in the meantime…