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I Choose Love Lyrics

I Choose Love by Leila Vey

©2013. Music & Lyrics by Leila Vey

I look around and I can see
How grace and beauty follow me.
With every blessed morning sun,
A new day dawns,
New gifts are won.
And as each day draws to its close
I’m wrapped in warmth and comfort.
With my loved ones gather ’round,
I am blessed as love abound.

I choose love to guide me through my day.
I choose love in all my work and play.
I choose love in all I say and do.
I chose love; I choose you.

I have chosen; here I stand.
With grateful heart, I take your hand.
And looking into eyes of love,
I know below is as above.
And in the light of sacred space,
I gladly take my place
By your side as love surrounds.
Joyful blessings all around.