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I Am Lyrics

I Am by Leila Vey

©2004, Music & Lyrics by Leila Vey

I am the waves upon the shore,
Rolling on the sand.
Ebb and flow, as it goes.

I am the moonlight on the sea,
Sparkling bright and free.
I am Light. Let it be.

Everything, everything I see,
Everything is part of me.
Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.
It’s a part of me.

I am the breeze upon your brow,
Whispering truth to you now.
When you hear, I am near.

I am the rustling leaves,
The forest green,
Where Spirit moves quite unseen.

I am the rock beneath your feet,
Foundation strong,
A place where you belong.

I am the open plane,
Life giving rain
Falling on golden grain.