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The Handwriting’s On The Wall Lyrics

Handwriting's On The Wall by Leila Vey

©2008, Music & Lyrics by Leila Vey

Another hour wasted watching hands move on the wall,
Another night of waiting to hear footsteps in the hall.
You should know better than to plan this night for two.
Ah, you know, girl, after a working day
He won’t have anything left for you.

Another broken promise; there’s that glazed look in his eye.
Another day of rain falling from a clear blue sky.
How can the heart stay open when the trust is all but gone.
When all that’s left of love is just a broken hearted song?

And the handwriting’s on the wall;
Ambivalence has come to call.
Another nail in the coffin of a dream gone sour,
Another fatal blow to the ivory tower.
Yeah, the handwriting’s on the wall;
This one’s heading for a fall.

Another day of talking but you know he’ll never hear.
All alone you wander in a sea of aimless fear.
It’s not so bad right now, but what’s in store around the bend?
At any time the world could turn and you’ll be praying for an end.

Yeah, this one’s heading for a fall.