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A Life Lesson Lyrics

A Life Lesson by Leila Vey

©2002. Music & Lyrics by Leila Vey

If I could teach you one thing, it would be this:
Nothing lasts forever;
There is no lasting bliss.
In the circle of experience
Pain follows joy, which follows pain.
To understand this now would be your gain.

Showers follow sunshine
And sunshine follows rain.
What you feel today will surely
One day change again.
What you believe right now
May not be true next year.
The only thing you know
Is in this moment right here.
Right here.

Fairy tales can come true,
But ever after is a lie.
Love can rock your world,
But you’ve really got to try.
All life’s greatest blessings
Are mixed with bitter pain.
To understand this now
Would truly be your gain.

Take care that all your promises
Are ones that you can keep.
Sparkling waters that fulfill today may someday prove too deep.
Remember that this too shall pass;
A new dawn comes to view.
To understand this now
Is to embrace the future you.

Be careful not to give away
Your soul for what’s ahead.
Your hopes and dreams have power
And will lead you when they’re fed.
But even dreams can sometimes die
As fresh ones spring anew.
To understand this now will help you to…
Believe in you.