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About Leila Vey

My Background. . .

Leila Vey

Christensen SaunaWhere it all began . . . the beloved musical sauna.

Leila Vey at Caravan '76Caravan 76… The first year I started performing with a guitar.

Leila Vey, Opera SingerThe Opera Singer… I played a street urchin (and an alter boy) in the Opera Tosca with the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto.

Leila Vey with her guitarPractice, practice, practice… makes the fingers sore!

Leila Vey - Next GenerationThe next generation… My kids sing in public for the first time.

I am from a Scandinavian family full of artists and singers. My singing career began in the family sauna as a very small child, and my family spent many happy hours harmonizing together in that hot and hazy place. Both my parents had beautiful singing voices and my younger sister was also blessed with musical talent.

People noticed that I could sing pretty early on, and by the time I was six or seven, I was performing solos at school assemblies. Soon I was snatching up leads in musicals, and received excellent (and intensive) training in a Toronto based Opera company. I spent many years singing as lead soloist in several professional choirs, and performed at multicultural events in Toronto. I also sang with two small song groups. Mostly, however, I performed as a soloist at various functions, coffee houses and concerts.

When I was ten years old, I wrote my first song, and one of the songs on my first CD, All The Time, was written at the ripe old age of thirteen. As soon as I realized I could make music, I was hooked. Writing provided me with the tools I needed to make sense of my world, and it has been a lifeline for me during the most difficult of times. Over the years I have written scores of songs.

I chose not to pursue music professionally when I got married and started a family, but continued to write with the thought way, way at the back of my brain that someday I might be able to do something with my music.

The Present . . .

Finally, many years later, technology now allows me to share my songs with others. I don’t have the benefit of sound engineers and professional arrangers but if I wait for those, I would never get my music out there.

Sorting through the scores of songs that I have written over the years has been a considerable project, since most of my music was created long before technology could allow me to produce it into the form possible today. I hope to resurrect the best of my early tunes soon, as well as catch up with posting my more recent work.

I enjoy everything about creating music, and have lovingly done my best to present my music in a form that can benefit others in some way. Music has been a source of profound joy and inspiration for me throughout my life and my hope is that my music will uplift my listeners’ spirits as much as it uplifts mine.

First and foremost, life is a spiritual journey and I use my music to express myself and my truth along my path. Each song in my collection has a special story behind it, and a special message that others can relate to.

All the songs on this site have been written by myself, except for Amazing Grace, which I have always enjoyed performing since I was a little girl. I have also arranged, performed and produced all my own material so please excuse the lack of polish.

It gives me great joy to now share all of these songs with you, and I hope you truly enjoy finding your own favourites.

Leila Vey