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Unexpected Ways Lyrics

Unexpected Ways by Leila Vey
© 2014. Music and Lyrics by Leila Vey

I hear you when you say that you’re not ready.
I know that feeling well, being so unsteady.
I know about the ringer you’ve been through.
I know how the stranger can creep up on you.
And now to find the man you’ve lost so long before
Is a sacred quest that you cannot ignore.
Yet here you are, in my arms, lips so close to mine
And I hear you say you’re not going anywhere any time.
What are we to do, what are we to do what are we to do?

Love comes from unexpected places,
Unplanned times in unimagined spaces.
Whether we feel ready, no matter what we say,
Love comes (softly) in unexpected ways.

You know, it’s only time until this flies.
Choices to make or else it dies,
But we don’t need to run too fast.
We can keep it sweet so it can last.
There’s no need to turn our backs on what this love could bring.
We can choose to give each other voice to sing.
For here we are, drawn to this, hoping it won’t end.
It’s a gift we have to give each other, room to grow and mend.
And so the feeling grows, so the feeling grows, so the feeling grows…